Shannon & Gwenny’s Story

June 2018

Joseph and Shannon have always known their daughter Guinevere was special. Life did not start easy for her, though, and doctors told them she might struggle to ever learn at a “normal” rate.

Last year, they had to stop service with a speech therapist despite great progress because the family switched from Medicaid to private insurance and could not afford the new copay. They were at a loss and posted on Facebook for recommendations. That is when they heard about Kid’s Place—House of Neighborly Service’s Child Development and Treatment Center.

They enrolled Guinevere and received a scholarship to help cover costs. They reflect that it feels like she has been here forever because of all the difference the last 7 months have made. She went from being completely nonverbal to speaking in complete sentences thanks to work with our partners at the Harry Jersig Speech and Hearing Center of Our Lady of the Lake University. She is constantly singing the songs she learns in school; her favorite is “Rain, Rain, Go Away.” Getting to spend her days in a structured environment has also led to great improvements in her behavior. Constructive, specific feedback from staff has given them the confidence to keep up the work at home.

Joseph and Shannon are amazed by the quality of care and education their daughter receives. They love that the teachers never doubt the capabilities of their students. What means the most, though, is that Kid’s Place feels like a home away from home for their daughter. They can tell the staff genuinely cares about their family. Since Kid’s Place is a nonprofit program, they are also able to benefit from additional services like parenting classes. Shannon in particular has really enjoyed this opportunity and tries to never miss a class!

We agree that Guinevere is special and our dedicated staff has proven that she can outperform doctors’ initial expectations. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this incredible family.

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