Senior Health

Nourishing Bodies and Spirits

House of Neighborly Service provides the seniors of our community with nutritional meals and meaningful activities to promote their physical and mental health.

It is not like other centers that I’ve attended that push us aside because we are elderly. Here, we are a community and in harmony and it feels like home. – local senior

The meals we provide three days a week nourish not only the seniors' bodies but also their spirits as they join together in community. It is a true joy to witness the deep connections they have made with one another.

Our seniors enjoy activities such as bingo, dances, and crafting. On Tuesday mornings, you will find them learning jewelry making and sewing from Sus Hijas, a local volunteer group. This is not only a fun activity, but also a means to make extra income for many of our senior women. We partner with other local groups and agencies to provide education on various health topics. Our staff Social Worker is also available to meet with seniors on site and conducts in-home visits to provide additional one-on-one support.