Family Support

Early Interventions for Lifelong Success

House of Neighborly Service prevents child abuse and supports caretakers experiencing depression. Our Family Support programs emphasize early intervention in response to increasing evidence that early childhood experiences have lifelong impacts on mental as well as physical health.


Our Family Support programs include:

Home-Based and Small Group Parenting Education

Our parenting educator is a trained Cognitive Behavioral Exercises (CBE) coach. CBE is an evidence-based intervention for depression. Research has increasingly shown the wide impact of parental depression on the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development of young children. The families we serve are living in deep poverty and do not have access to much needed services. Under the leadership of our staff Child Psychologist Dr. Josie Arredondo-Holden, HNS fills this gap and provides the support families need to develop resiliency and cope with toxic stressors.

Individual Service Planning and Implementation

Our Child Psychologist works with Kid's Place staff as well as families to develop individualized interventions implemented in both the classroom as well as at home. Our staff Social Worker also works closely with families to provide personalized support. We refer to local agencies and work alongside families to make sure they can access the services they need.

Respite Care

Families experiencing extremely high levels of stress in the home are assigned to our Respite Program. In addition to attending the weekly small group CBE classes, these parents receive coaching in additional techniques to increase resiliency. Children are enrolled in Kid’s Place at no cost for individualized implementation of a plan developed by the team’s Child Psychologist.