Child Development

500+ Hours of Early Intervention Therapies


Hours of Early Intervention Therapies

Early Interventions for Lifelong Success

Kid’s Place Child Development and Treatment Center improves the social-emotional, physical, and intellectual development of children enrolled in its multi-age classes. Kid's Place is a "Three Star" approved Child Care Service (CCS) "Quality Care Provider".

“My child amazes me each day with the things she learns from school”

- Kid’s Place Parent

A Holistic & Personalized Approach

As part of our intake process, we assess not only the child’s level of developmental functioning but also the degree of stress in the family. This allows us to develop individualized plans of care. We love being an intergenerational space! We engage local seniors to read with Kid’s Place students once a week. Intergenerational activities can improve children’s motor and cognitive skills, as well as social and emotional competencies like empathy, patience, and problem-solving.

High-Quality Care at Low to No Cost

Thanks to generous support from foundation partners and individual donors, we provide tuition assistance for 100% of our students.

Need Help?

Visit the Contact page to send us a message. If you have an immediate need please feel free to call us at (210) 432 - 2301 and we’ll reach out as soon as we can!

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Visita nuestra página de contactos para enviarnos un mensaje. Si necesitas ayuda inmediata, favor de llamarnos a (210) 432-2301 y regresaremos tu llamada lo más pronto posible.

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